Have you ever wondered if you are a candidate for Invisalign?

While many of our patients are excited for braces, some wonder if there is a less noticeable, more esthetic option.  Other advantages of Invisalign can include that it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene and there are less breakages compared to braces.  There are some important factors that we… Read More

Orthodontic Retainers – Why Wear Them?

Orthodontic retainers…Do you really know how important they are? Okay, so you decided to invest in the straightening of your teeth. Your smile is perfect and you are absolutely delighted with your results from Cedarbrae and Danforth Orthodontic Centres. Now what? Orthodontic retainers that were made specifically for you are… Read More

Orthodontic Friendly Recipes For St. Patrick’s Day

Whether you are Irish or not, St Patrick’s Day brings out the Irish in everyone, kids and adults alike. Many patients ask for green colored elastics in March! Whether you go to a party, watch a parade, eat green soup, or just put on a green hat, St Patrick’s Day… Read More

When Should Your Child Visit the Orthodontist?

Let’s address a common question parents in Toronto and Scarsborough ON have when considering orthodontics for their children. “When is the best time to have my child evaluated by an orthodontist?” Before you begin researching…orthodontist Dr. A.R. Banack would like to answer that question for you. Orthodontics is about… Read More

You And Your Retainers – Against The World

So, you’ve finally said goodbye to braces. Congratulations, you made it! Your smile is radiant and you’re flashing your pearly whites at any person, place, or thing that glances your way! However, before you can truly celebrate your wonderful new smile, you must make sure to wear your retainers to… Read More