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Post by: / October 2, 2020

Exciting news!

Hello Davis family,

We are excited to return to in-office patient care. Just as it was prior to COVID, your health and safety will remain our primary concerns. You will notice several additions to our infection control procedures at your next visit. Some have been mandated by Ontario Public Health and others have been added based on our research into the science of eliminating transmission of this virus.

Social distancing and new PPE standards require us to see fewer patients at a time. For your safety and ours, we must follow the Ontario Public Health regulations strictly. We are working longer hours and more days every week. We have also seen hundreds of our patients virtually to minimize foot traffic as we start to work through our backlog. Still, the limitations of our new “COVID schedule” will restrict our ability to see some of you as soon as we’d all like.

Please understand that we have 12 weeks worth of appointments to catch up on. Patients whose appliances may have caused harm will be the first ones seen. But in general, we will be following the schedule that was in place prior to lockdown, so patients who had appointments cancelled in March will receive appointments before those who had appointments cancelled in May. We know that your first appointment may not happen as soon as you would like. We understand your frustration but health and safety must be our priorities.

Please be patient and allow us to call you to book your appointment. We have been working very hard on the logistics of overcoming our appointment shortage. In order to be fair to everyone, we have set very rigid guidelines for our scheduling coordinators to follow. It’s these guidelines that will allow us to see you quickest. We need your trust and cooperation.
We are so excited to welcome our patients back to the Davis family and see you in person. Until then, we are available for your questions. Visit us at or call us at the office.