Are We There Yet???

What is AcceleDent??   Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question in an orthodontic office is “when are my braces coming off?”. Although we love our patients and they really tend to enjoy the time they spend with us during their orthodontic journey, everyone appreciates it when we can… Read More

The Truth About Orthodontic Specialists

If you are having a problem with your bones or muscles you trust an orthopedist. For a skin, hair, or nail condition you trust a dermatologist. A … Read More

It’s Time to Take My Braces Off- What Happens Next ?

You’ve got the news you’ve been waiting for… your teeth are ready and it’s time to take your braces off!  Yay ! So, what’s the next step ?  An impression or mold of your teeth is taken the appointment BEFORE your braces are removed in order to make your retainers. … Read More

2015 Calendar Contest Winners

Things That Make Me Smile– Thank you to all our patients who brought out their pencils, pencil crayons and markers to participate in our annual Calendar Contest.  Each year the submissions blow us away and it is getting harder and harder to select the winners. Each winner will have their… Read More