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Are We There Yet???

What is AcceleDent??


Without a doubt, the most frequently asked question in an orthodontic office is “when are my braces coming off?”. Although we love our patients and they really tend to enjoy the time they spend with us during their orthodontic journey, everyone appreciates it when we can speed u
p the time treatment takes. The doctors and staff at Davis Orthodontics are always ultra-focused on treatment efficiency, and are endlessly looking for ways to help patients get through their treatment more quickly.

At Davis Orthodontics we are proud and excited to offer our patients AcceleDent, an innovative device designed to increase your rate of tooth movement to decrease your overall treatment time.
AcceleDent is a comfortable, lightweight, hands-free device that is held between your teeth for 20 minutes a day while you undergo treatment with Invisalign or braces. Using micro-vibrations that help stimulate bone movement, AcceleDent complements the controlled force braces and clear aligners deliver to help bring your teeth into ideal alignment. Simply press the removable mouthpiece into the activator, bite down just firmly enough to hold the device in place without using your hands, and turn on the unit for 20 minutes.
AcceleDent, which is easy to use and clean, is compatible with both teen and adult patients. It was introduced in the United States in 2011 and in 2013 in Canada. It is classified as a medical device and is approved by both the FDA and Health Canada as a safe means to speed orthodontic tooth movement.
Encouraged by the tremendous success many of our close American colleagues were having using Acceledent for their patients, we became the first office in Canada to introduce the technology north of the border. Research has indicated that AcceleDent is an effective treatment in safely speeding bone remodeling, and can reduce the time you spend wearing your aligners or braces by up to 50 percent compared to conventional treatment.
To find out if you are a good candidate for accelerated tooth movement, contact us at any of our three locations to schedule your complementary assessment with one of our doctors.