Post by: / December 2, 2011

Thank You Dr. Rano Burton & Welcome Dr. Sherri Leung

I want to publicly thank Dr. Rano Burton for her many years of  service to our practice. She has left to pursue other opportunities.

In her place is Dr. Sherri Leung, who’s been practicing with us full-time since the beginning of last summer. Sherri did her ortho training at Western, her dental training at McGill, and worked in Pennsylvania and Markham prior to joining our team permanently.  She grew up in York Region, so she is already well integrated into the community.  Sherri has been a terrific addition to our team and is already beloved by our patients and our staff.

As a reminder, in Richmond Hill, we work with two doctors every day so our patients can benefit from our combined knowledge and experience.  Dr. Leung is in Richmond Hill Monday through Friday with either Dr. Kevin Davis or Dr. Allan Davis. If you haven’t met her yet, please wish her a warm welcome.