Easter – Some Fun Info

Easter is not just about egg hunts, candy, Cadbury eggs and chocolate rabbits. For Christians, Easter celebrates the resurrection from the dead of Jesus Christ. It is a moveable holiday or feast since it does not occur on the same exact day every year. Most Christian churches in the Western… Read More

7 Vitamins For Great Oral Health

Just like your body, your teeth also require just the right amount of vitamins and minerals to maintain the great benefits of good oral health throughout your life. At Cedarbrae and Danforth Orthodontic Centres, our goal is to educate our patients on all aspects of health to maintain healthy teeth… Read More

Davis Orthodontics was awarded the Professional Services Award

On Tuesday March 7th 2017 Davis Orthodontics was awarded the Professional Services Award at the 26th Annual Business Achievement Awards. Creating beautiful healthy smiles is our passion! Our highly trained team members make it an amazing experience for everyone.  We are honored to receive this award and will… Read More

Tooth Decay – 21st Century Approach To Removing It

Tooth decay…Did you know that for over a century dentists removed both healthy and diseased portions of tooth structure when treating patients as a preventative measure to avoid future decay? However, in the 1970s, a new treatment options emerged, in the dental field known as “Minimally Invasive Dentistry” (MID) attempts… Read More

The Effect That Biting Your Nails Has On Your Teeth

Whether you’re stressed, excited or bored, biting nails is a very common habit among kids and adults of all ages. Although it is more common among children ages 10 to 18, studies have shown that 30% of children and 15% of adults are nail biters. The good news is that… Read More