Improve Facial Aesthetics And Reverse Aging With Orthodontics In Toronto And Scarborough ON

Orthodontics can help children, teens, and adults of all ages look better throughout their lifetime. Adults today are much more aware than in the past of the importance of creating and maintaining a beautiful smile. With longer life expectancy, a healthy, beautiful smile is as important at age 70 as it… Read More

USA Cuts Fluoride Level In Tap Water

The ongoing controversy about too much fluoride in our drinking water has finally resulted in the US department of Health and Human Resources (HHS) lowering the recommended level of fluoride in community drinking water. This was announced April 27, 2015 in a news release. Americans now have access to… Read More

Press Release Davis Orthodontics & Million Dollar Smiles; Team up to build two playgrounds.

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Monday Jun. 1st 2015)        … Read More