Braces: Do we really need them?

A common question that comes up during the consultation is “why is treatment being recommended”? Or, similarly, “what would happen if my child (or I)  don’t get orthodontic treatment”?  Is it really necessary? It is important to know that we don’t always say “yes” !  Sometimes it is not the right… Read More

The Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

Your first appointment to our office is easy and educational! During our complimentary consultation, our doctors will answer important questions such as: 1) Whether or not treatment is recommended 2) What type of treatment is recommended (i.e. braces or Invisalign) 2) When is the correct time to begin… Read More

Davis Ortho Creating Affordable Smiles & Lifelong Memories

As a parent, there is no greater joy than watching your child grow up. In some cases this may involve braces and the question: can you really afford them? Some patients put off getting treatment for their children or themselves, thinking that braces and Invisalign are out of their budgets. Read More

Press Release Davis Orthodontics & Million Dollar Smiles; Team up to build two playgrounds.

  FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Monday Jun. 1st 2015)        … Read More

Davis Orthodontics Press Release – Changing the lives of children in our community one smile at a time.

      FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE: (Tuesday Apr. 21st 2015) See our Press Release Here  … Read More

Have you ever wondered if you are a candidate for Invisalign?

While many of our patients are excited for braces, some wonder if there is a less noticeable, more esthetic option.  Other advantages of Invisalign can include that it is easier to maintain good oral hygiene and there are less breakages compared to braces.  There are some important factors that we… Read More