Post by: / September 29, 2015

The Cost of Orthodontic Treatment

Your first appointment to our office is easy and educational! During our complimentary consultation, our doctors will answer important questions such as:

1) Whether or not treatment is recommended

2) What type of treatment is recommended (i.e. braces or Invisalign)

2) When is the correct time to begin treatment

3) How long will treatment take

After this, the next question that people often ask is “How much will it cost?”

The cost depends on how long the treatment will take, which depends on how complicated your treatment will be. Factors such as crowding, spacing, and your bite will affect how complicated your case will be. Treatment times often range from between 12-30 months – the more complicated the case, the longer the treatment will be. On average, our patients pay between $200-$300 dollars/month. Besides length of time, this range can also be affected by the amount of your initial down payment. Finally, any insurance coverage that you have will affect your monthly cost.

When you are ready to begin treatment, our treatment co-ordinators will discuss how all of these factors affect your flexible, interest-free monthly payment. At Davis Orthodontics, we work hard to make sure that the cost of treatment is affordable for you and your family, creating custom payment plans depending on your needs. We also have a “frequent flyer” program, which offers a discount for additional parents or siblings that require full treatment.

Call us for your complimentary consultation to find out more today!