Accelerate Your Orthodontic Treatment

Our new AcceleDent system that allows you to get your braces off at least six months ahead of schedule…that’s more than one school semester! It only takes 20 minutes per day using the AcceleDent activator while you’re on the computer, playing video games, reading… Read More

Count Down To The End Of The School Year!!

Celebrate The End Of The School Year with Davis Orthodontics! Family, Friends and Neighbours are all Welcome!… Read More

Join in the Fun at Davis Orthodontics!

Spirit Days at Davis Orthodontics!… Read More

How old should my child be for their first orthodontic visit?

All Kids Should Get their First Orthodontic Appointment No Later Than Age 7! Crooked Teeth Aren’t Always a Sign for Orthodontic Treatment To have a great smile that lasts a lifetime, your child needs teeth and jaws that are properly aligned — in other words,… Read More

Palatal Expanders to Correct Crossbite

Palatal expanders are used to correct a crossbite.  Sometimes they are referred to as rapid palatal expanders. They widen the upper teeth and jaw by gently separating the bones over the upper jaw horizontally, so that your top and bottom teeth fit together. Palatal expansion can happen… Read More

Noelle Talks About Her Treatment at 1.5 Year Mark

Noelle follows up with us at her 1.5 year mark. She is finding the braces more and more comfortable and is looking forward to finishing up her treatment soon.  … Read More