Video Blog (Vlog) for Chuck N

Chuck talks about what his orthodontic treatment has been like. He’s finding the treatment more comfortable now and is looking forward to getting his braces off earlier than he expected as he is ahead of schedule. Read More

Parents Are Better Off Educating Than Monitoring on the Internet

Move over Gen X and Y, because Gen Z is joining the social media realm and they’re connecting differently than you may think. Many parents are reportedly friends with their children on Facebook and if they’re really savvy, followers on Twitter. What they don’t realize is that… Read More

Video Blog (Vlog) for Mary D.

Curious how Mary’s treatment is coming along? She is an adult orthodontic patient now at the one-year mark and her smile is looking great. We also spoke to her at her first orthodontic visit and her 8-week visit. Read More

Why Get Braces?

Why Get Braces? Have you wondered why straighten my teeth? Well, there are three factors that usually contribute to why people get braces. Some get them to improve their oral health, others to prepare for dental work and some make the… Read More

Student Earns Second Junior Citizen Nod

Congratulations to Ali H., one of our Richmond Hill patients, who has recently earned his second Junior Citizen nomination. Read More

Congratulations To All Our Contest Winners!

          Congratulations to all our winners! Our Kids’ Club Winners are Andrew S. , Melody B. and Luca I..  They each won a $100 Walmart Gift Card.  The next Kids’ Club contest closes on May 30th… Read More

Congratulations to our Kids’ Club Winners!

Congratulations to our Kids’ Club members, Melody B., Luca I. and Andrew S. who entered our Kids’ Club contest.  They each won a $100 Walmart gift card. Our next Kids’ Club contest prize is a $100 iTunes gift card and the contest closes May 30th. Read More