Post by: / December 2, 2014

How are braces taken off? Is it scary??

In one of our previous blogs, we discussed the importance of retainers once braces are removed. In this article, as a response to questions patients often ask about the removal process itself, we’ll go into detail regarding what you can expect on the big day.


The time has finally come to take your braces off! It’s definitely an exciting day, but you may be wondering about the exact process of getting them off. It’s actually a really straightforward procedure that is usually completed in under an hour, and is not something you need to worry about at all.


You’ll always know well in advance that your braces are coming off. When our doctors determine that your smile and bite are as good as can be, we will take molds of your teeth for customized retainers and schedule your removal appointment a few weeks later.


At the actual removal appointment, we first install your custom wire retainers behind your front teeth with the same kind of adhesive used to keep your braces on the front of your teeth. Now that the teeth are held perfectly in position, we use special orthodontic instruments to carefully remove each bracket and the glue that kept them affixed to each tooth.


But wait! Do you pull them off my teeth? Are there needles involved???


The answer to both is a big NO!


What is really cool about the braces and glue that we use is that while they’re strong enough to stay on your teeth while you’re in treatment, the glue is purposely weak enough when specific forces are applied to allow your braces to easily pop off your teeth when we actually want to do so. In fact, when we’re removing braces, what we’re actually doing is flexing or “bending” the mesh base of the bracket so that it lets go of the glue that is on your tooth. That’s why sometimes when we remove a bracket there is a little clicking sound; it’s the sound of the glue letting go of the little mesh pad on the under-surface of the brace. That’s also why the process is painless; we’re not pulling on the brace to get it off your tooth, we’re just giving the brace itself a little squeeze so that the glue lets go.


Afterward, the glue that is left on the tooth is removed and we polish the teeth until they’re nice and shiny much like your dentist does at your regular check-ups.


You will have impressions taken the same day you get your braces off and will be delivered a clear retainer later that week. It’s crucial that you wear the retainer every night while sleeping to keep your teeth in their new and improved position, at least until your 3 month follow-up appointment


Having your braces removed and seeing your beautiful new smile will likely be one of the happiest visits at our office, and we all look forward to celebrating it with you! Enjoy that amazing smile, you’ve earned it!