Post by: / June 26, 2014

Food and Summertime- written by Dr. Sherri Leung

Now that school is done, the foods we normally eat during the school year can change.  You might be travelling alot (pack your travel tooth brush that we give you!)
eating camp food or going to picnics/barbecues!  While you have your braces, there are three categories that food can be put into:
Foods to avoid, food that require extra time before eating, or food that require extra time after eating.
Foods to avoid 
These are things that can cause damage to the braces, either popping a brace off or putting a bend in the wire:
Crusty bread
Hard candy
Foods that require extra time before you eat them
These are things that if you prep first, then you can eat without problem:
Crunchy vegetables can be steamed, or eaten raw if cut into smaller pieces (cut corn off the cob)
Crunchy fruits can be cut into smaller pieces (apples)
Meat on the bone can be taken off the bone

Foods that require special time after eating

These are sugary foods (chocolate bars, candies, cake) that can cause cavities.  This includes sugary drinks like pop.  These foods can be eaten as long as you are prepared to clean your teeth/braces afterwards.  It is very important to brush so that you do not get a cavity.
If you have any questions about what you can or can not eat with braces, you can always ask our team at your next appointment, call or email !  We are always available for you!