Post by: / April 13, 2011

Dental Mission To Guatemala

I am very excited to tell you about a trip that 17 members of the Davis Ortho team plus six other members of our local dental community are making to Guatemala from April 2-9. We are travelling to a mountain settlement called Jalapa to deliver free dental care (fillings, cleanings, and pulling teeth) to the local villagers. They have no other access to any oral health care.

This will be my fourth dental mission and my first with others from the Davis Ortho crew. Giving back to the disadvantaged is deep-seated part of me. In a typical week, each mission team extracts over 1000 teeth and does several hundred cleanings and restorations.

On this trip, over 80% of our patients will be children. If you’d like to help, old kids’ clothes, kids’ shoes, hats, pens and pencils are the most valued donations. If you bring any donations to our office, we will hand-deliver them to a needy child.

We will post pictures of our adventure once we return, assuming we all don’t get eaten by the 5 feet tall mosquitoes!

Kevin Davis