Post by: / February 12, 2013

Braces are the New ‘In’ Accessory

Faith Hill Wearing Clear Braces
Faith Hill Wearing Clear Braces at the Grammys

If you’ve been watching the recent Country Music Awards or Grammys this year, you’ve noticed that Faith Hill has recently gotten clear braces. For an international star whose image is based on being beautiful and perfect, this has been an inspiration for her fans who may have been reluctant beforehand to try braces. Now they’re saying…

“If Faith Hill can rock braces…so can I.”

As a child Faith wore braces, but was reluctant to wear her retainer. She urges kids who have had braces to wear their retainers so they won’t have to repeat treatment like she is right now.

Lots of adults are finding their teeth in their 30s, 40s and 50s shifting, especially their lower teeth. This isn’t only an aesthetic concern, but also an oral health risk. Overly crowded teeth can lead to gum disease because crowded teeth are difficult to properly brush and floss.

There are different options in orthodontics today that are both obvious, somewhat obvious or practically invisible. The most traditional method is braces which can be metal or ceramic/clear and finally Invisalign which are clear/invisible braces.

Using advanced technology, orthodontic specialists can straighten your smile in shorter periods of time along with fewer office visits. In fact, you don’t even need a referral from your dentist for a consultation with an orthodontist. For a free consultation at Davis Orthodontics, we welcome you to request a free orthodontic consultation today.