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2012 Calendar Contest Winners

We asked you to get out your pencil crayons, markers, paint and crayons to help us design our 2012 Calendar surrounding our theme THINGS THAT MAKE ME SMILE! and boy, did you all deliver!

We had such amazing entries this year that we couldn’t simply choose 14 of our favourites; instead we have created THREE calendars this year – one for each office!

Each winner will have their artwork printed on a page of our calendar, a drawing for each month.

Winners will receive a $50 Movie Gift Card.

Thank you to all who submitted their artwork, you truly made the selection process difficult!

Please see the full list of winners below!


Richmond Hill Calendar:

1. Thavisha E.

2. Kieti R.

3. Sarah E.

4. Alyssa V.

5. Brittany W.

6. Bryan C.

7. Thomas Y.

8. Nicole K.

9. Sara B.

10. Georgia P.

11. Asiya K.

12. Mikayla A.

13. Christina P.

14. Kiana K.


Woodbridge Calendar:

1. Tiziana I.

2. Chiara Z.

3. Monique L.

4. Alina T.

5. Alessandra C.

6. Vanessa M.

7. Brandon S.

8. Erica T.

9. Daniel S.

10. Jessica S.

11. Selina P.

12. Saketh M.

13. Milena S.

14. Ashlyn F.


Newmarket Calendar:

1. Kristal P.

2. Becky T.

3. Lara W.

4. Alexandra G.

5. Victoria D.

6. Laura R.

7. Kayleigh W.

8. Kate W.

9. Hillary M.

10. Elissa C.

11. Natalia M.

12. Trista D.

13. Emma T.

14. Gracie N.


All winners can contact their office to arrange pick up of their prize from the receptionists!