Chuck N – First Day Of Treatment at Davis Orthodontics

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Do wisdom teeth cause crowding of your front teeth?

  For quite some time, there has been a popular belief that wisdom teeth “push” the teeth in front of them as they come into the mouth, causing the front teeth to crowd. Consequently, some general dentists, orthodontists and oral surgeons recommend the extraction of wisdom teeth as a preventative measure to safeguard against the recurrence of crowding after orthodontic treatment. There is now a large and well-documented body of research evidence disproving the theory that wisdom teeth exert enough pressure to affect the movement of the front teeth. Current well-validated studies tracking patients for over 25 years have determined that teeth will drift forward throughout life naturally, regardless of whether or not orthodontic treatment has been done or if wisdom teeth are present. Two phenomena seem to occur, with the teeth all moving slightly forward over time (called “mesial drift”), and the distance between the lower canine teeth constricting or getting narrower over the years. This seems to happen even in people who are missing all their back teeth! Read More


Orthodontists serving Richmond Hill, Yorkville and Newmarket discuss the importance of retainers. You will see the permanent retainers and how to care for them. In addition, you will learn how to care for your removable night time retainer called an essix retainer. Read More

RPE or Rapid Palatal Expander

Orthodontists serving Richmond Hill, Yorkville and Newmarket discuss the Rapid Palatal Expander. It is meant to correct a crossbite or when your upper teeth bite behind your lower teeth. You will see what the appliance looks like, how to care for it and how to turn the expansion key. Read More


Orthodontists serving Richmond Hill, Yorkville and Newmarket discuss the crossbow. It is sometimes known as a Class II corrector or functional appliance. The crossbow is meant to reposition the lower jaw forward to the upper and lower jaws match properly. You will see how it works, the different components of… Read More