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Contest Winners Announcement!

By Davis Orthodontics November 26, 2013

Thank you to all the patients that submitted their entry to our latest contest, “How you think your new smile will or has already improved your confidence”.  One winner from each office has been selected and received a Fujifilm Instax Mini 8 Instant Camera. The winners are Carmela G. from our Newmarket office, Josie B. from our Woodbridge office and Zoe S. from our Richmond Hill office.

Below are their entries for you to enjoy reading.

Winner: Carmela G. – Newmarket Office

My name is Carmela. I’m 12 years old. I have always been a happy kid but one thing that stopped me from truly being confident was my smile. I really didn’t like my teeth. My mom made an appointment to your office and I immediately knew I had hope. As my smile is starting to change I notice that my confidence has improved a lot. I want people to look at my smile because I think it looks great and it will continue to get better and better. I feel that the new me is ready for anything. I am not shy anymore because my old smile was making me hide and I didn’t want to talk too much just in case they would notice my teeth. I really love the new me and I wish that everyone would be happy with their smile because it feels wonderful. Keep smiling everyone.

Winner: Josie B. – Woodbridge Office

Hello my name is Josie, I am 8 years old, I am in grade 4. When I was younger I lost some of my teeth. My new teeth started to come out but my parents noticed that some teeth were growing crooked, I was not at all happy with the way my teeth looked. So we visited DAVIS ORTHODONTICS. Everyone was so kind to me and they are very professional people. The dentist had recommended the use of an expander.

When I started using it my teeth hurt and it was hard for me to talk and eat. After a few months I got use to the expander now the dentist added braces to 6 of my front teeth. At first it is uncomfortable but what keeps me going is the fact that my teeth are starting to look amazing, everyone in my class thinks I look cool and cute. Now I am getting more and more confident when I smile.

This process has also helped me become responsible about brushing and cleaning my now gorgeous teeth, it had also made me realize how important it is to show my pretty teeth when you smile.

THANK YOU DAVIS ORTHODONTICS I will keep doing my best at taking care of my amazing teeth.

Winner:  Zoe S. – Richmond Hill Office

When I first got braces I didn’t like them. I thought they made me look ugly and that my life from then on would only get worse. All I knew was that I wanted them off and I didn’t think once about what the future beholds. I only started to realize how braces will change my life for the better in a couple of months when the pain started to go away. When I looked in the mirror I didn’t see chunky metal brackets that would ruin my life, but I saw something that would make me feel even more confident in time to come. Then I realized that things would only get better from there on.  I realized that I wasn’t the only one with braces. Shortly after I got mine on, my two best friends got their braces on as well. We would match our colours and we all put on our rubber bands when we finished lunch at school. We called ourselves the braces club and we thought we were different and special. No one treated us different for braces and I know they have improved my smile a lot. When I look at my old pictures I feel like ripping them up and replacing them with pictures of me with my new smile. I couldn’t believe the change over such a small period of my lifetime. I wish to continue to feel the confidence that my new smile has given me. Thank you Davis Orthodontics.